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The 4 Ps are passé: Here's the chapter layout for the first part of my forthcoming book

  1. Introduction
  2. The 4Ps are passé 
    1. Power has changed hands
  3. How has the brand/customer relationship changed?
    1. A (very) brief history of online marketing
    2. Transparency rising
    3. A free loudspeaker for all!
    4. New Competitors + More Noise = Need for Relevance
    5. Competition is changing…
    6. …and volume is increasing
    7. Digital has changed the game that marketers and consumers are playing
  4. How has the changing media landscape changed the marketer’s role?
    1. TV
    2. Print Media
    3. Radio 
    4. How media disruption has impacted on marketers
    5. A fragmented, ‘transmedia’ landscape
    6. Things are a lot harder than they were back in the 90s
  5. How does the ‘flood’ of customer data impact on the marketer’s role?
    1. More data = more accountability
  6. The New Customer Contract: Authenticity, Relevance and Transparency
    1. The new customer contract: Authenticity
    2. The new customer contract: Relevance
    3. The new customer contract: Transparency
  7. Not everything has changed: The fundamentals remain the same
  8. The democratization of your brand

You can find out (a little) more about the book at

I'll be publishing extracts from the book, as well as thoughts on the process as we go to press, over the coming months. 

Nick Johnson