The Future of Marketing

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How Authenticity, Relevance and Transparency Will Help You Survive The Age of the Customer

In 2015, my first book was published by Pearson. The Future of Marketing argued that enterprise marketing strategies must focus on authenticity, relevance and transparency to survive the age of the customer.

Featuring insight from CMOs of Bacardi, Xerox, Molson Coors, Aflac, One Medical Group and others, the book is now used by several MBA marketing courses across the USA.

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Part One: What’s Changed?

  • New Competitors + More Noise = Need For Relevance

  • The Democratization of Your Brand

  • The New Customer Contract: Authenticity, Relevance and Transparency

Part Two: How Are Companies Coping?

  • The Marketer’s Expanding Role: Confusion on Next Steps

  • Delivering a Consistent Message Is Increasingly Challenging

  • Most Companies Are Not Fully Leveraging Customer Data

Part Three: Building For The Future

  • Managing a Brand in Collaboration with Customers

  • Build Your Corporate Onion: Evolving Internal Structures

  • Content Marketing to Drive Engagement

Part Four: A Proposed New Department

  • Customer Experience at The Center of Marketing

  • Walls Between Employees and Customers Come Down


  • Victoria Burwell, Chief Marketing Officer, McGraw Hill Education

  • Dominic Collins, Chief Marketing Officer, Legal & General

  • Frans Cornelis, Chief Marketing Officer, Randstad

  • Cammie Dunaway, Chief Marketing Officer, KidZania

  • Russ Findlay, Chief Marketing Officer, Hiscox USA

  • Andy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer, Bacardi

  • John Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, Xerox

  • Jean-Claude Larreche, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

  • Dan Lewis, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Molson Coors

  • Chris Linder, President, Keds

  • Cavin Pietzsch, Chief Marketing Officer, General Electric Germany

  • Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer, Thomas Cook Group

  • Jason West, Chief Marketing Officer, HJ Heinz North America

  • Barry Wolfish, Chief Marketing Officer, Land O’ Lakes

  • Arra Yerganian, Chief Medical Officer, One Medical Group

  • Michael Zuna, Chief Marketing Officer, Aflac